Saturday, August 16, 2008

Delicious Thai Food

We went to a new place for dinner during the weekend with some friends who was visiting from Malaysia.

Its a restaurant just beside Seacon Square along Srinakarin road. It's called Bueng something. Cannot remember the full name. The restaurant is just beside a man made lake and the ambiance was very nice. They have a sampan which ferry us across to our table. Alternatively, we can always walk there ourselves. But it was just a cool experience being able to cross the lake via a sampan. Ethaniel was absolutely exhilarated by the fishes which swam alongside the sampan (Joel was away at a sleepover with KG).

The restaurant packed with customers

The other end of the lake filled with small little huts. With reservations, a few family can sit and have a wonderful dinner together.

Feeding the fishes with bread

The dinner itself was absolutely delicious. We ordered some typical Thai dishes. I was shocked at the speed which our food arrived. It was hardly 10 mins before our first dish arrived! Considering the restaurant was so packed.

Fried fish with mango sauce

Papaya salad with seafood

Giant cuttlefish

Stir-fried morning glory & fried oyster

Seafood Tom Yum soup

Pineapple fried rice

Fried prawn cake

We will definitely be back. Its a great place to entertain visitors and friends.

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cy said...

its called Beung Wapee Restaurant and yes, it is very very delicious and cheap too. Worth going there, recommended by our big chef Mr Alvin too. If chef recommend something, it must be good.
Enjoy yr trip to Chiangmai and show us lots of photos ok?

angel said...

ohlala, "beung wapee" food is so good there! haha. i love it. <3