Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mission Trip: Hitting The Streets

Kelly lugged her guitar, Mary holding some paper tracts, Joel, Ethaniel and I walked the street along the famous Night Bazaar of Chiang Mai. Every tourist who visits Chiang Mai will find something they want there, at this Night Bazaar. Its busy, that's for sure!

We found a suitable corner, just in front of McDonald. Kelly began to open up her guitar case and we were ready to sing.  Ahem... *clearing throat* and looking at the passer-by *swallowing saliva*.  Ethaniel and Joel sat on the staircase, just behind me, licking their ice creams. If you were there on 15 Aug around 8pm, you would have seen me. Like tens and hundreds of shoppers along that street.

This is not a norm for me. I am sure you could have easily guessed... such a shy and timid person like me (I can imagine my friends rolling up their eyes upon reading this).

Its not easy to put away pride, timidity, shyness and fear of rejection, in order to stand before an indifferent and sometimes hostile crowd. Walking pass, they turn their heads (mostly just ignore), smiled, *eye brows raised* and moved on.  No one threw any money, maybe I should have taken out my hat.

We finished singing after about 1/2 hour to take some time to share Christ with Keng which lasted till 12am that night.

You can see Kelly's hand playing the guitar

The next day, Mary, the children and I went to a local night market at Wua Lai Road.  It operates every Saturday night, I think.  I am not sure if they have it on normal days.  But this is a good place to go because it caters for the local Thais.  Which means the shopping was really good and cheap.  Much cheaper than the ones at the Night Bazaar.
As we were walking together at about 9.30pm, suddenly, Mary stopped.  She stood still, lifted her right hand and began to say, "Jesus loves you. He came into the world so that you can have life and life abundantly...."
Hmm.... what is she doing???!!!

In the middle of a crowded night market?  

Does anyone understand English?  They are Thai... At least 90% of them are.

She did exactly the same thing for another 2 more times, down the street.

I stood there staring at her, praying at the same time, (didn't want anyone to start stoning us).   No one ran to us and knelt down with tears in their eyes, repenting *disappointed*

You know, in my heart, I knew God was trying to teach me something.  I always felt that my inability to talk fluent Thai has been a handicap for me to share Christ to others.  Obviously, it has not been a hindrance for Mary, eh?  I later discovered that God was more interested in our obedience to His voice rather than seeing the results.
"Prachau Rak Khun" (God loves you) to this blind man on the street

I have never had a friend who did that.   Mary said that it was a 1st time for her too.

Will it be my turn, the next time? *shaking*  Will God ask me to do it? And when He does, will I be obedient?

How about you? 
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