Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mission Trip: Stuck At The Village

After dinner we rested while waiting for the truck to pick us up so that we can go back to our motel. Unfortunately, the Pastor had gone to another village to ask for a young lady's hand in marriage on behalf of his son. That's the tradition of the Palong tribe. A little like the Malays "meminang".

We felt really tired, so, we went upstairs to lie down. In fact, all of us went upstairs. We sat around and talked but most of us just lied down. It's been a long day.

The children is not used to sleeping without a fan or in their going out clothes and I was not prepared. I didn't bring any extra clothings... just a towel, by accident.

Ethaniel was still running around playing with his new friend, Nong Sa.

All of us fell asleep waiting....

By the time Ethaniel finished playing and was ready to lie down to rest, it was almost 11pm. He complained that his whole body was itchy... So, I had to take him for a shower. A freezing cold, mountain water temperature shower. It was hilarious looking at him jumping around like a live-prawn-out-of-water (I had to keep a straight face) to keep himself warm but of course it didn't really help.

Anyway, the shower was short and sweet. Soapless. Shampoolee. Wearing the same shirt. He was happy and felt clean enough to sleep.

Everyone was already asleep.

The truck came back at 1am but it was still drizzling, so, we still could not go back to the motel.

So, we all slept there that night.

Sometimes when we go on trips like these, we have to learn to be flexible. It was not easy for the children to be sleeping without fan or air-cond (me too), dusty wall and floor, no proper pillow or bolster but we just have to adapt. Its called flexibility, adaptability and sacrifice.... for a greater cause than ourselves.

Then again, we were in the middle or no where.... so we couldn't get a taxi or 'song taew' or 'motor sai'....

Later we discovered that the Pastor of the village was so happy that we stayed back.

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