Thursday, August 28, 2008

TL & Family .... Goodbye for now...

TL & family are the first few Malaysians we met when we arrived in Thailand.

Like how they say about first love, first friends are also difficult to forget.

We attended the same church for a whole year, their daughter and Ethaniel are around the same age and they are avid travelers, like us.

In fact, they are our inspiration, motivation and role model to travel around Thailand in a car.

TL, PP, JW, Ivan & me

A nice smiley photo of JW & LW

TL, PP, JW & LW, you will be missed and thank God for allowing our path to cross. Look forward to seeing you again.... Singapore or Malaysia!

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carol said...

It is had to let good friends so. It is a good friend that can be gracious about it. Your friend's have good friends.