Friday, August 22, 2008

In The Beginning..... of the trip

We arrived at the Hualampung train station at 1pm on 14 Aug, Thu. Its at least another 1.30 hours before the train leaves.

Joel & Ethaniel in the train

The train itself was a very old fashioned one, maybe 30 years old, I think.

Ethaniel climbing, swinging like an acrobat

For the children, there were very limited things to do in the train but less confining than a bus. Climbing up ladder, moving from ladder to seats and ladder to ladder was the favorite activity. After that, it was doing the dot-to-dot book, drawing, taking photos and admiring the scenery.

Ethaniel & Kelly

Ethaniel-the-extrovert was going from here to there visiting passengers i.e. making friends. There were some foreigners who could speak English in the train other than us.

There were food and drink sellers which come by every 30 to 40 mins with all kinds of cold drinks. The food is pretty standard - "kaprao moo / khai" (Basil with pork / chicken and rice).

Ethaniel & Joel writing & drawing

Mary, the Missionary cum friend whom we are travelling with, started a conversation and started sharing about Jesus with a girl in the train. She is absolutely 24/7 and 365 days an Evangelist! Kelly, a friend of Mary was also sharing and singing. Kelly is a great singer and have recorded her own album. Wow! What talent!!!

Ethaniel and I took a shower before bed. It was a very nice shower. I never knew shower was this great!

The man setting up the bed

We were in the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for a total of 19 hours. Yes, its a test of endurance and patience, for both the children and me. Initially they had some difficulty but eventually on the returning trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, they had a great time and even made friends.

A wonderful shot of Mary and the children playing.
I love the candid laugh & it shows of a special relationship which Mary holds in their heart.

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