Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mission Trip to Chiang Mai

We are planning to go to Chiang Mai, the children and I, to visit a group of underprivileged children. These children are not placed in an orphanage but rather in a hostel because they have parents. They are just poor.

I went to the train station at Hualampong to purchase my train tickets which includes sleeping berth. Its going to be a 15 hours train ride. I know, I know, its a long ride. But its an experience. I have never taken the train to Chiang Mai. In fact, I have not taken any train in Thailand.

Main train station in Bangkok i.e. Hua Lumpong

Joel & Ethaniel will be excited with the experience of riding in a train. They have gone on the MRT, BTS and LRT but not on a long distance train.

Hua Lumpong crowded with people

When I told Joel about the trip and he calculated the hours from 1430 to 0530, his eyes bulged. 15 hours??? "I should have to bring all my books, eh?" he said. "Yes, you should" I answered. His most favorite question was next, "There's food in the train, right?". Ha ha. As expected. The way to this boy's heart is for sure through his stomach.

People waiting for the train

The children has looked through some toys to give away and I am preparing their heart to go there to serve and help. They might feel inconvenient or discomfort, I am not sure but the purpose of the trip is clear. TO HELP. TO SERVE. TO LEARN. TO EXPERIENCE. Its not a holiday. If they feel uncomfortable, they just have to live with it. Its important to think of others occasionally rather than ourselves.

I think they will do well. This is not the first time they are going for a Mission Trip.

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CY said...

Its definitely going to be an interesting trip on the train. Plenty of stuff to blog about. Make sure u take photos when they come to convert the chair into a two storey sleeping bunk, interesting.
And it's always a beautiful view of the countryside.
Maybe shld ask SH to follow u guys.:)