Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Joy of Being an Aunt

Little Baby JA

I don't come from a big family. Just 4 siblings inclusive of myself.

The siblings are quite scattered.... Australia, Singapore, Malaysia & Bangkok (me).

Its difficult to have a proper "sibling reunion" when everyone is not in the same country, having work & family commitments and schedule arrangements.

Every time my sister from Australia returns to Malaysia for a holiday, we try to get together. The last one was just about a month ago. I guess I just had to find excuse to go back to Malaysia ;-). The get-together this time was a little different. We have a latest addition to the family ... a baby. My elder brother's first child. I must admit that she is absolutely adorable! Unlike her Daddy... she is contented, humble, unassuming, low profile, cute and lovable.

It was great to hold my little niece, JA.

For one, I can cuddle, play, tease and laugh with her and yet when she was hungry, dirty and grumpy, I just passed it back to her parents.

The joy of being an Aunt.

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Angela said...

I can see the benifit in that.

My husbands two older siblings both had babies this summer. Haven't seen the babies yet though.

Glad you had a good time.