Monday, August 4, 2008

New Friends

We had lunch with a very interesting group of friends.

Hans is Swedish and he has just arrived in Bangkok since June 08. He is the SEA Director for IBRA, a Christian radio station which is currently in 100 countries. They do wonderful things in so many countries and brings the gospel to thousands and millions of Christians and non-Christians all over the world. Isn't that absolutely great? Its a wonderful ministry.

We also met C & D who are Filipino missionaries to Macau, China and Wira a Finnish who was in Northern China for two years doing some work with the orphanage.

What makes all these people leave their country, families and life?

Leave everything which is familiar, to a place where environment and surroundings are foreign?

Some does it for personal adventure.

I know my new friends do it because they love God and people. To fulfill a higher purpose which God has called them to. To bring love, peace and the Gospel to them who needs it.

How about you?

Will you be willing to go?

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