Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natural Face Mask

There are so many face products in the market. Too many.

Which is good?

Will my face pop out extra pimples?

Will it irritate my face?

How if after paying thousands and discover that its not compatible to my skin?

I have oily skin and have never had flawless skin. I envy those who have. So, I have to make extra effort to look good. Not that I really look THAT good. But I try.

Of recent, I have decided to go natural. I read in a magazine, an ex Miss Thailand looked as good as 30 when she is 49 years old! Thanks to her natural recipe. Well, not that alone helped her, I am sure. But anyhow, I have decided to try. Nothing to loose, its really cheap ;-)

Since going natural, I have discovered that it has really helped my skin. Maybe you want to try it too. Very simple face mask.

  1. Honey with yoghurt
  2. Egg white with lime
  3. Fresh Aloe vera gel

I use it everyday either morning or evening. Just leave it on for 1/2 hour or so.

You will see the difference in days!

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