Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mission Trip: At The Palong Village

It takes 1.30 hours to get to Chiang Dao on a local non air-conditioned bus from Chiang Mai. The bus is reasonably comfortable. The seats are uniquely catered for 3 persons. The cushion of the seats are not bolted, therefore, if the bus is crowded, the Conductor will pull out the cushion to accommodate 3 persons. I was sandwiched between a soldier and an old man.

The children are the Palong village are very keen for their photos taken. They sit quietly and stare into the camera. So cute.

Nearing Chiang Dao we were required to produce our Identification Card. I am glad I brought a copy of my passport. This check-points are to deter the Myanmar people who are illegal to travel around.

Upon checking into the motel... yes, yes, a motel. You heard me right. We are not going to rough it out at the Palong village. We are going to sleep on clean white sheets and comfortable mattresses, have warm showers and walk on tiled floors. After leaving our luggage behind, we headed towards the Palong village.

Laurie teaching using pictures

We arrived at about 5.30pm. By 6pm everyone was gathered at the church. We sang some Thai songs led by Hadasah and after that Laurie told a story.

Ethaniel & Joel, joining in the action songs

The Palong people participating in the songs... young and old

This particular Palong village is the only Christian village around.

These people are very participative and responsive. When asked if they would like to receive healing, a whole row of women came out. I sure know what they are going through, aches and pains seem to follow most of us.

The Palong women requesting for prayers

After prayer, I saw a group of women sitting down, complaining about the pains, aches and stiffness they have on their bodies and legs. So, I took out my most favorite tool. I have awarded this tool, The Best Invention In The World. I simply call it The Scrapper. Everyone of us at home uses it, regularly. The Chinese calls it guasa therapy. Very simple. Just put some oil, any kind and scrap it on the aching part of the body. It is great. I don't know what scientific effect it has on the body but it just helps.

The Scrapper. It comes in various shapes but equally useful

The women was obviously grateful to receive such a wonderful tool because it relieves their pains and aches. I wish I had one to give to each and everyone of them but I don't. They just have to share, for the moment.

The service ended and it was time for dinner. We had a quick and simple meal of Mama noodle, rice and stir-fried potatoes. The children was absolutely starving! They gobbled their food. Thank God they are not fussy in their eating habits. Thai, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Western, Mexican, Indian or Malay food, they will eat. Spicy or not. I have trained them to eat all kinds of food. So, once they were fed, as a Mother, I felt much better.

All of us looking for food at the kitchen

No photos of the food, as I was very hungry myself ;-)

Ethaniel sitting on a small stool eating his Mama noodle and drinking water at the same time.... because it was spicy. His normal routine when eating spicy food
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Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

May you all be blessed with your mission work in Thailand, the Land of the Free, to bring about God's freedom to the people in Thailand and the rest of God's world.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Tue. 26th Aug. 2008.

CY said...

I'd always wanted to go to trips like that. Sigh...promise me to take me along next time, wokey?

allthingspurple said...

Chris !! I am astounded by your travels and the exposure you lead your boys to. I think you are so admirable !! And the wonderful things you did for the tribe. Even time spend is an admirable thing !

Glad you visited me allowing me the opportunity to discovered your blog !!