Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend Buffet at Cafe G

We had a farewell at Cafe G, Holiday Inn (next to Intercontinental Hotel), along Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok.

This is our first time there.

I was personally amazed at the spread of the buffet. Well, so was Ivan and Joel.

Japanese food

Italian food

Quiche and more food...

Fresh oysters.... my favorite!!!!

Absolutely heavenly desserts.... ice-creams are stored in a fridge so that it doesn't melt...

They even have clowns to play with the children

A magic show

Children can make their own pizza and cookies... part of the activities for the children

The play area prepared for the children while parents have their meal

I did not finish taking photographs of the whole spread... there were leg of lamb, ham, tandoori, Arabic, Chinese dim sum, Thai dishes & noodles, etc.

I honestly did not get to try all of the food.... There was just too many!

The cost was about THB777++ (RM77) per person and children pay 50%.

My friend had a discount card, so we paid THB700 (RM70) and the children was free. Sometimes Mastercard holder gets discount dining at this place, I was told.

It is definitely worth trying ... especially when they have babysitters and activities for the children while you eat your heart out!

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sting said...

oh wish we have something like that too, babysitter and activities for the kids... food looks great! :-)

reanaclaire said...

hi Chris, I m Claire, goolypop's blogger cum fren, heard u r a christian too.. hope we can keep in touch too through our blogs..
God bless..

Angela said...

Yes now that sounds like a meal in which I would not have to keep saying sit down stay in your chair
no don't run down to the cook station

U.Lee said...

Hi Eagle's Wings, was at Reanaclaire's place noticed your profile pic was small thought you were fishing, ha ha.
But glad to pop here, nice blog and the dishes sure look good too, and cheap.
I have always love Bangkok or Thailand...
Sawatdee to you, best regards, Lee.

CY said...

Mmm..yummy..the thot of it makes my tummy growl again..hehe