Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebrating CY's Birthday

I went over to CY's blog and he asked me to be a sport and post some photos of our get-together at Cell Group on Friday night. Of course I will oblige! After all, I still need free accommodation in Rayong ;-)

SH planned a surprise birthday celebration for CY. Such a sweet, wonderful and thoughtful wife. Hint, hint. You know what to do, CY? Extra kisses for her in the next few days. Maybe a bunch of flowers too.

Since CY have been having a stressful time at work, the chatting, laughing, singing, praying and sharing was a great de-stresser. Its always wonderful to be spending time with friends who really care.

SH, CY, Joanna and Jason. One happy family!!

The whole Cell Group gathering around the dinner table...
Usually our favorite spot, surrounding the food

We are the men!!

Cutting cake for the birthday boy who turned "21"... plus plus and plus some more. The cake from Secret Recipe was absolutely delicious. Thanks to the good selection of SH

One thing I have discovered, having stayed in Bangkok for 2.5 years now. We tend to become close friends very quickly. I guess the reasons being all of us, far away from our own family members tend to stick to each other. Genuinely making friendships along the way. Honestly, I have never made friends this quick and this close in a short period of time.

Yes, I know that we might part shortly. Most of us are here for a period of time and will move on eventually. But I must say that people like SH and CY are almost like family.

SH & CY, thank you for your friendship and hang in there.... God will see us all through and give us the victory!!!


Kellan said...

What a great looking bunch of people - so nice to have good friends! Happy Birthday to CY - it looks like it was wonderful!

Take care - Kellan

CY said...

Thanks a lot, Chris for celebrating with us. U r right. Friendship are everlasting and nobody can take that away. Thanks once again. CY
Thanks also to Kellan.