Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Koh Samet: Awesome Beach, Magnificent Sunrise

Hubby and I

We arrived at Sametville Resort at about 4.30pm. Checked in and hit the beach.

The beach was absolutely beautiful!!! Reminded me of Perhentian Island in Malaysia. Fine white sand and clear water. We were told that there is a particular section of the beach, nearer the rocky part, some beautiful corals can be seen. Unfortunately we did not bring our snorkeling gears.

The beautiful rainbow

After changing into my swim wear, I was on the beach, enjoying the calm sea water... Seldom have I seen a calmer sea.

Guess what? There was a rainbow in the sky! I have been to the beach many many times but have never seen a rainbow, especially without rain.... Hmm... *twilight zone music at the background* Amazing experience.

"The rainbow is a symbol of God's faithfulness and of His pardon and reconciliation to the faithful. The symbol is taken from the story of Noah and the Great Flood, where God placed His rainbow in the sky as a seal of His promise never to destroy the earth again with a flood. The rainbow is sometimes used in art as Christ's throne, where it is symbolic of glory and final judgment." clipped from here.

The rainbow reminds me to look upward...

The view in front of our chalet

Look at the clear sea water. So refreshing!

Magnificient sunrise

Staring at the magical sunrise...

The next morning, we woke up at 6am to catch the sunrise. It was an amazing sunrise. Eventhough there have been probably thousands of sunrise since the day we were born, we never ran out to look for it until this morning. A sunrise is a sunrise. Right??? Wrong. The ones which we see with our own eyes are the most special. The ones we missed doesn't count.

Imagine we were going up and down those hills on the motorcycle... Aaarrgghhh...
The next time we go, it will be on an ATV which is between THB1,000 - THB1,500 per day (depending on if you are a Thai or foreigner)

Our simple meal which took 1 hour to cook.
Reminder to everyone: Order your food 3 hours before dinner time if the resort is fully booked.

Homeward in one of this ferry... Between THB30 - THB90.
Speed boats are around THB200 to THB300 (I think)

To summarise the whole trip and experience, it was a little more than what we bargained for. We had adventure on a motorcycle, amazing beauty, experienced hunger waiting for dinner, a rainbow, a time alone away from the children, hustle bustle of the city and ate some really yummy BBQ chicken and cuttle fish at Rayong, near the jeti.

The whole trip was mixed with bitter sweet experiences.

If you have not been to Koh Samet, you are missing an amazing place. Quiet and tranquility.... minus the motorcycle, that is.

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GarGies said...

The sunrise pictures are darn good! You sure it's not postcard pics? Amazing.

cy said...

Told ya Koh Samet is a beeeauuutiful place didn't i? In fact even I spend one week there is also not enuff. :)
Shld plan to go there again, ok? With us too....

Kellan said...

What a magical place - beautiful! You are so lucky to have been to this lovely paradise!

Take care - Kellan

Johnny Ong said...

that pict on sunrise is a perfect shoot