Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Leaving on a Jet plane .....

On Saturday morning, at about 8.40am, Josh, his Nanny and the Driver was waiting in a van to pick Ethaniel.

Ethaniel's 1st ever sleepover at someone else home... without Mom, Dad or his older Brother.

Packing his own clothes... so cute to see this 6+ years old boy packing clothes worth a whole week when he's just going to sleepover for 1 night. He didn't forget his toothbrush...

Josh came into the house to help Ethaniel

Ethaniel taking his shoes, with his good friend Joshua overlooking

"But... but... I will miss you... Come over and give Mummy a big kiss." *wiping tears* (Mummy's tears, that is)

On Sunday evening, we picked Joel & Ethaniel from KG's house... and we were fed with Hokkien Mee (Black noodles) and deliciously braised Black sauce pork. Man! That was delicious! His Daddy, Alvin the "Singing Chef", cooks amazingly well. We had a great time chatting about our upcoming camping trip.

The reason Ethaniel was eventually at KG's house was because he followed Joel after church service on Sunday. To make it easy for us.

I went over to Josh Daddy's Facebook uploads on all the fun things they did. They did soooo many things in one day! It was swimming, the Underwater Aquarium at Siam Paragon, watch the movie Clone Wars and played PSP.

Ethaniel said that he had a great time.... But... He missed his Mummy. Oooo.

You know what?

His Mummy missed him too....

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Raynebow said...

Aaww... so sweet! 1st lesson on "letting go" of your kids, hehe!