Monday, October 13, 2008

Koh Samet: Adventure of a Lifetime

It was an impromptu decision. We were still playing with the idea of going away or not ... even on Saturday morning....

Hubby at last made up his mind and we were on our way... to Koh Samet!

Koh Samet is in the province of Rayong. About 2 hours away from Bangkok. The road to Rayong is highway, all the way. So, its an easy drive. Just have to pay toll charges after charges. It takes another 30 mins to 50 mins from Ban Phe jeti at Rayong to Koh Samet island, depending on the distance of your resort.

We were in an adventurous mood. The kids were not around, remember? It was a thin line between crazy, not thinking straight and adventurous. Till now, I am still trying to figure... What was the appropriate category...

Anyway, upon arriving at Koh Samet, we looked around for a Tour Agency to book our stay for the night. The man spoke good English and recommended us Ao Wai... Its about 8km away. Far. To me it was not far. We drove 200km, what is 8km? Thinking about it right now... could be because the island is 10km in length. I think. So, its almost end of the world to Koh Sametians.

We were suggested by SH that riding motorcycle could be a useful mode of transport. So, motorcycle, here we come! An automatic cost THB350 (RM35) per day .. oh cool. Of course, we forgot to note that Hubby has never ridden a motorcyle all his life. But that's just a minor detail which we chose to overlook.

Little did we know that the road was not tar or cement. It was dirt road full of pebbles, uphill and downhill... all the way. This road is probably appropriate for expert motorcyclist but not amateurs, like us.

After riding along for 20 mins or so... all of a sudden, we skidded on some pebbles while trying to go uphill and fell!



I was seeing stars.... But.. but... it's day time??!!

My knees.... was bruised and bloody.... So, was Hubby's.

The condition of the road is baaaaad

I calmly washed it with some mineral water.

A passerby helped us up. After that incident, I was hit with the bug of paranoia. At every point of uphill or downhill, I insisted on coming down and walk... The ride was endless... literally. We still have not found our resort. We came to an uphill which was so narrow that it was time to call quits.

You know what?

In the middle of nowhere, there was a Song Taew driver taking his afternoon snooze. We negotiated for a ride and for him to return the motorcyle back to the owner. Without going into the details, we did it. We managed to bargain a deal. We lugged the motorcycle onto the Song Taew and he took off like an F1 driver... on the dirt road? We hung on to dear life....

Look at the relieved smile on Hubby's face... phew!

I was thinking whether I should spare you all the gross details of the battle scars...
Oh well, no, I guess. Left: My bruises. Right: Hubby's bruises

What is the lesson here?

The constant uphill and downhill was endless. I couldn't see us reaching our destination. When I thought that it was almost over, there was another uphill. It was tough, the road was dry, the weather was hot, the excitement running low, the patience wearing thin, the novelty of what I thought was fun, was becoming fear, insecurity and difficult. I even begin to question the judgement and so on...

That reminded me so much of the journey of my life. Many times it has been a constant struggle. Just as I begin to get a breather, there was another hurdle. There were times that I fell badly and it hurts. I grit my teeth and move on. Ignoring the pain, choosing to continue the journey instead.

Many times, God rescues me, just like that Song Taew in the middle of nowhere, waiting. With graciousness and mercy beyond my expectations, He comes and leads me on .... A great example of my life.

Thank you, Lord. I know that no matter where, how and what tomorrow holds. You are there waiting for me. Just like Mr Song Taew.

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shoppingmum said...

Glad to know that you are alright! Gosh, I dare not ride on the motorcycle with hubby, we almost fell once as he doesn't have license. Since then, no more.

goolypop said...

Oh my.. At first, i tot wah.. so adventurous and memorable. But when saw the bruises... aiyayayaya. Sure painful. The kids got sayang or not? :)

CY said...

Forgot to tell u..if no experience, better not take the bike. Been riding bike since I was 17 years old but even with those condition, it was terrible. Which resort did you stay? Post some pics, OK?