Monday, October 6, 2008

It Taste Like Malaysian Food!

I accidentally bumped into this shop which sells really yummy food... similar to Malaysian food.

What do you know, its just 10 mins away from my home.

Masaman, similar to Beef Rendang

Pork Satay... taste similar to the ones in Malaysia! THB6 per stick

Ox Tail soup... delicious! THB55 per bowl

Roti Canai... delicious. Eaten the Thai style... with condense milk. THB12 without condense milk and THB15 with condense milk

That was an absolutely delicious lunch... We will be back! Actually since then, my hubby has brought the children there for another feasting session.

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shoppingmum said...

Aiyo, I miss roti canai la...Still not sure where to find a mamak stall here.

CY said...

Wah..,.where is it Chris? Remember to take us there next time we r in BKK..OK?

JO-N said...

So, I should consider Bangkok as our next destination.