Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Muaklek: Ethaniel and Josh on the ATV

We planned for a trip to Muaklek, Saraburi which is about 2 hours away from Bangkok. Its a short get-away, without traveling too far for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Its a perfect weekend trip.

This time we had Josh and his Daddy coming along with us. Its always fun having extra company whenever we travel. Especially flexible, fun, easy going and humorous ones.

We have been really blessed to have good friends in Bangkok. To add to this pool of wonderful friends is Josh and his Daddy. We had heaps and heaps of fun!!! The boys had a great time, I meant Ethaniel and Josh. OK, OK, the Dads had fun too.

Eventhough its Josh's 1st time riding on this junior ATV, he seems to be good at steering it. Needless to say, he eventually became addicted to the thrill after the 1st round!

Ethaniel loves the ATV ride. Did I say love? Oh, I did. Its the ultimate thrill for this boy! He wants to own one...

Stucked. Waiting for the Guide to help him. Notice the cute look on his face :-)
(click on the photo to have it enlarged)

Ethaniel and Josh posing for the camera. I bet that in their minds, they were thinking, "How can I shrink this ATV, put it into my pocket and take it home"

This place caters for junior ATVs, adult ATVs and buggy too. The price is reasonable. THB50 per 3 rounds (junior ATV), THB200 for one round (adult ATV) and buggy too. But its more fun for the adults to ride at the Muaklek ATV than at this place because of the trail. So, we will wait...

Its great to see their excited faces riding on the ATV.

Their laughter and excitement was priceless!


irish daisies said...

oh how cute. I love hearing kids laugh. Makes you feel all good inside! your food below looks so good!!

Kellan said...

Sounds and looks like so much fun! What great photos! My Little Billy loves ATVs! I think all boys love them!

Take care and have a good week - Kellan

GarGies said...

I also want to play liao! Anywhere in Malaysia we have that, I wonder?