Friday, October 10, 2008

Muaklek: The Ultimate ATV Ride

The waiting time for the Dads and Joel to take their turn at the ATV ride was not too long away. After lunch, we anxiously went to Muaklek ATV for our 3 hours-thrilling-butt-cracking ride. We did a 2.5 hours ride the last time we were here in May 2008.

Strangely, all of us forgot how tedious the 2.5 hours ATV ride was. I guess all the excitement drowned our memories. We were so gung-ho that we decided to take the 3 hours ride to the waterfall.

Josh & Danny, not so obvious who was more excited to go through the ATV adventure - the Son or the Dad

Ethaniel and Ivan, Father and Son team

Yeah Man! We can do this!

Joel and I, Mother and Son team

Passing through the deep forest. A little wet... which makes it more fun.

Stopping along the way... giving the butt a rest.

A nice cold drink on a hot afternoon. Actually, Thank God for the weather. It was neither rainy nor too hot. Considering the day before we had thunderstorms

The children on the ATVs.... They rode around this area while the adults took a rest. This is just beside the waterfall stream. The main waterfall itself was closed. I think it must be because of the heavy thunderstorm yesterday

Everyone did a great job at steering and riding their ATVs. Joel did a marvelous job that I was happy being a passenger the whole time.

Ethaniel loves to play with water and sand. He was excited and asked, "Can I play with the sand?" Since time was limited, he just played it for awhile. The water was cool and refreshing. I washed my feet in it too... To get rid of some mud.

Some of the ATVs were acting up. It stopped, coughed, rattled and went on strike. We reported it to the lady at the counter with my limited Thai, "ATV mai dee (not good). Break down half way. Sami chan (my husband) not happy. Free ATV ride tomorrow dai mai kha (Can or not)?"

She said that we can take the free ride today.

You know, after the 3 hours-thrilling-butt-cracking ride, we were pooped. We were ready to hit the shower and lie down for days a while. We were not going for another round. Every part of our body said, "No, no, nooooooo" (said the way Kung fu Panda does it with "I love kung fuuuuu").


But what do you know! The children were game for another round of 4km. Oh my!

All in all, it was really fun. A little tedious but fun. Bones rattling. We have to put up a reminder... 1 hour 30 mins would have been short and sweet. Monday must have been a weird day, some of us walked funny. The penguins would have admired and proud.

Oh, by the way, they will have a batch of new ATVs coming in by end Oct 2008 (now they tell me!). That will be a good time to return to ride on some very nice and new ATVs. *all excited*

One more time in end Oct 2008!!! See you there!

THB1300 / RM130 (after a 20% discount) for 3 hours / per ATV
THB200 / RM20 for 4km ride / per ATV


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