Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday, Joel!

Happy 12th Birthday, Joel!!!

God has blessed me with a gift of a baby boy
You were like a little toy
So small and cute
No matter how much you cried it sounded like a heavenly flute

That was 12 years ago today
It seemed as if it was just yesterday
They say "How time flies"
Its true when I gaze into your eyes

From babyhood
You are now into manhood
You are no longer crawling
You can and very able in bullying

You no longer think like a child
Eventhough you are temperamently mild
You have a lot of passion which God has put within your heart
I know He is the only One who must have impart
Such a wisdom beyond years
Kindness, generosity and compassion it all appears

I want you to know
No matter how life may show
In the future how it may go
Eventhough how low
You can go
To the One who will never be a foe

I speak into your life that ....

God shall grant you success all your life
God shall prepare a wonderful companion and helpmate for you as a wife
God shall fulfill every desires of your heart
God shall give you loyal, Godly, righteous friends whom will not depart

God shall bring to pass every promises He has made to you
God shall make you the man of God He plans for you
God shall teach you to love, live and laugh all the days of your great life
God shall give you peace always and not strife

This is the legacy I leave to you, my wonderful Son.

I love you.

From, Your Mummy

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Ousizch said...

Journey of My Life, Happy B'day Joel.

Your blog is very nice and you had good content!
Stayed to built a blog that was useful for visitor and always thought to publish content that was great. Heeee, just support you…………………

Hope u have a great day!

From: Ousizch

shoppingmum said...

That's a nice poem. Happy Birthday Joel.

irish daisies said...

oh happy birthday to you Joel!!!!! Time really does fly when you have children. They bring so much joy to our lives....oh no last year before the teens hit! enjoy it!

Lee-Lian said...

Happy belated 12 Birthday Joel.

With Love, King-Wei, King-Li & Yee Yee & Uncle Garrison

p.s. you look so matured in that picture and so handsome and macho lah! Nearly cannot recognize you without your glasses.