Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day Out With His Friends

Joel wanted to celebrate his birthday by having a fun day at the Leoland Waterpark, Bang Na with his friends on Friday.

Nath, Josh, Joel & Ethaniel on the slide

Yeah Man! This is the life...
Notice Josh "digging" his nose. He did it just to annoy me ;-)
Before him was Nath... Who also purposely "dug" his nose. What's with these kids???!!

All of them snacked hungrily. Even Nath who has difficult eating habits feasted on the food

Fun on the slides...

Creative way of using a handle bar...

The fun waterpark. Unfortunately the larger slides are under repair. It has been for a long time.

Joel pretending that he has a big butt....
Effects of the jacuzzi pumping air into his pants

Monkey see, monkey do... Another big butt boy...

This is the life. Just look at them relaxing after all the running around...

The boys had a blast!

It was absolutely fun, fun and more fun!

At one point, I stopped taking photos, left my wallet and camera in the locker and jumped into the water and played "Monster, monster" with them. You know, I cannot resist fooling around with the children. Obviously it was Joel who instigated that I should be the Monster.

I went around the "Action Pool" which is like a lazy river chasing the children. I caught Joel and sat on his tube. We laughed heaps and heaps when he tried to topple me but couldn't. It was so funny.

We both laughed until our stomach hurt.


Just because he couldn't topple me, there was no reason for him to call me hippopotamus!!!

Obviously his Mummy didn't teach him never to call people names. Tsk, tsk, tsk.... *frown* I shall have a serious conversation with his Mummy when I look into the mirror, later.

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goolypop said...

how many celebrations were there la? :D

What did the woman in the mirror retort? Nyeh nyeh nyeh? :P

Hobbit Wife said...

Where is this place?Looked like you guys had loads of fun!!! :)