Sunday, October 12, 2008

Muaklek: Petcharat Resort, Saraburi

I am still blogging about my Muaklek trip, which I went on last weekend....

We went to look for accommodation for the night, since we did not make any prior booking.

Petcharat Resort was a place we stayed in Dec 2006. We always wanted to return since then, but never found the opportunity.

We made our way there around 4.30pm. Fortunately we managed to get some accommodation, simple but OK.

The main reception area. Its cook with a table carved out of a tree bark. There were various plants growing inside. A huge piece of glass were placed on top as a tabletop. Really cool.

How would you like to sleep in a cowboy wagon? You can even build a campfire, burn some marshmallows and tell stories... or was it Karaoke... (Thai style)

We stayed in this "tree bark" accommodation

The front of the cottage

Restaurant on stilts overlooking a lake

This ATV is rented out for THB800 per hour. You can go around Petcharat, which is a huge place. Its really powerful and all of us had a gala time riding on it for two hours. The boys had so much of fun!

Ethaniel and I... walking hand-in-hand. I love this shot.

"Venus fly trap" - growing everywhere

This resort is amazing because it has greeneries growing everywhere. I just love the nature. Its just like staying in a forest, minus the wild animals. On the other side of the resort, there were obstacle course, small waterfall, deer cage and even cycling.

We all loved it.

It would be absolutely wonderful during winter time... Nov to Jan. I can imagine myself having a book in my hand, sitting under the shades, enjoying the greenery everywhere, magnificent sunflower here and there.

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goolypop said...

eh? I tot the kids were not going? Ng seah tak leh? :)

veta said...

You always have a good time with your kids and hubby.;-)

shoppingmum said...

Wow, this is such a nice place, thanks for sharing. Now I have so many places around Bangkok to explore, and this resort is added into my list.

Raynebow said...

Wow! This is such an amazing resort! I love the cowboy wagons... the tree-bark chalet is sooo unique too! Not surprised that u had a such a wonderful time there!