Saturday, October 18, 2008

His Celebration

On the day of Joel's 12th birthday, we went out for lunch.

He wanted to eat Hotpot. Its like steamboat. The price has increased to THB270 per person from THB199 per person.

Ethaniel and Joel enjoying their food

We had a small little Blueberry Cheesecake, which he loves

Dad and Ethaniel kissing Joel

Joel chose a scooter for his birthday

I am so glad that he chose this gift because I want him to do outdoor activities. He has been having so much fun scooting around our house and even took it to rock climbing to scoot around the shopping complex. The smooth floor makes scooting so much more fun.

I promised him one more thing... A day out to the waterpark with his friends. That post will be coming up!

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shoppingmum said...

Happy Birthday Joel.

Angela said...

Sounds like he had a good birthday.