Thursday, December 13, 2007

Animals, Pets & Dogs

Joel and Ethaniel absolutely adores animals.... especially dogs. They have such passion for stray dogs!

In Thailand, stray dogs are EVERYWHERE. Their love of animals is incredible, largely due to the Buddhism influence. We live in a mooban (Gated Community/Village). Not many stray dogs can squeeze pass the security gates without notice. Two gates infact!

A few days ago, my children discovered a female dog with large tits and I have explained to them the reason why Mama dogs have "big breast"; they need to feed their pups. So, they made their own conclusions after spotting this female dog. They also, tailed this friendly dog to her litters - 8 pups in total!

Naturally both of them became obsessed with feeding the Mama dog and so we did, this evening. She was absolutely famished and very pleased to see us. We fed her twice because, she gorged her food and craving for more! We pitied her and brought another serving an hour later.

Can you see the compassion and love oozing from these children?

My worry will be to hear the following question .... "Mommy, can I take these puppies home?"

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