Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Doctor, Doctor

I have been down with flu since 5 Dec 2007, Wednesday. It started with soar throat, aches, tiredness.... It led to cough and running nose. Yesterday, at last, I decided to see the doctor. I somehow managed to "share" my germs with Ivan, so, he was down with soar throat too. So, we went to the doctor together at the nearby hospital.

In Thailand, we used to visit Thai Nakarin Hospital which is about 20-30 mins away. Its a very nice and large hospital. Services there are extremely good. You can get translator services, if needed.

Since the last few months, we have been visiting Chularat Hospital which is a much smaller hospital but nearer to where we are - 10 mins away. For minor illnesses, we have decided to visit it rather than travelling the distance to Thai Nakarin Hospital.

Ivan had easily 8-10 types of medication, whilst I have about 4 types and the bill came up to B1,800 (RM180). Oh my! The cost of medical is sure high here...

Another thing, a lot of the complains amongst the Malaysians are, too many types of medicines. Anti-biotics are prescribed freely. Imagine having 8-10 types of medication for flu. What about cancer? I don't think I even want to imagine!

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