Monday, December 3, 2007

First Visit to a Malaysian Restaurant in Bangkok (and the last?)

Sunday after church, we went out for lunch. A group of us, Malaysians decided to try the Malaysian restaurant which newly opened. I personally have not visited any Malaysian restaurants in Bangkok. So, let's give it a try.

The location of the restaurant is near Silom-Narathiwas Rd. It took us 40 mins to get there from Ekkamai. You know, the infamous Bangkok traffic. It was almost 1.30pm when we arrived and everyone was STARVING; the hand shaking, cold sweat type.

There were many varieties of food on the menu but apparently, it was only available IN the menu. The chef returned to Malaysia because his "cousin kahwin". As a result, most of the dishes we wanted were unavailable. We sat and enjoyed the delicious looking photos, instead :-/

"Nasi Lemak dah habis lah" the girl exclaimed as she walked towards our table. There goes the 15 mins of ordering... It was the last straw for the hungry Malaysians.... Ivan took the first stroll and followed by Sean after a few minutes. Okay, okay, not stroll.... stormed out! Happy? They went to nearby foodstall and had some Thai food. They might have gotten the better end of the deal.

The rest of the tolerant Malaysian, patiently re-ordered our food and patiently waited for it.

Sorry for the photos of half-eaten food. You know the Malaysians, they were sooooo hungry, before I could flip out my camera, the food was gone!

Mom and I had Nasi Paprik (B80 / RM8.20)

Joel had Mee Hoon Goreng (B70 / RM7.20)

Ethaniel had Nasi Goreng (B80 / RM8.20)

Jason had roti canai (B40 / RM4.20)

Siew Har had the only Nasi Lemak available (B60 /RM6.20) *envy*

Everybody shared the rojak

Everybody shared the 10 stick of satay (B100 / RM10.50)

Tang had Asam Laksa (B70 / RM7.20)

Menu and prices of food:

Fahmi, the owner of Chili Padi - Malaysian Consular Visa Section's son (I can hear whispers, "Why am I not surprise?" Hey, hey, please, politics aside. I am now writing about food - Malaysian's No. 1 favorite topic not politics, which is the Malaysian's 2nd favorite topic)

Yes, the exorbitant amount was charged to us - B950 (RM100) for simple Malaysian food we take for granted everyday. A 70% increase! Oh well, this is Thailand, not Malaysia.

So, to sum it up, the experience was tormenting for the hungry Malaysians, disappointing culinary experience, ill planned back-up plan for "when-the-chef-balik-kampung" and exorbitant bill to complete it.

See, not only we get Malaysian food in a Malaysian restaurant, we also get Malaysian style treatment. Malaysia boleh!


^Patty.Yang^ said...

oh~`i like the dishes~~~it all looks dilicious~~~~i really really want to try~~~

tangcyee said...

Need amendment,Chris. He is the Consular Visa Section's son, not the Embasador's son. Don't wanna them ppl sueing u, right? Anyway, we are now enjoying real Malaysian food back here in KL, yummy...U wanna ta pau? Nasi Lemak? Roti Canai? I am coming back on this Sunday, u know...hehe. Tang