Thursday, December 13, 2007

Part II - Muak Lek, Supanburi & Kanchanaburi

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Day 2 - 7 Dec 2007, Friday (Kanchanaburi)

After leaving Bung Chawak Zoo, we travelled towards Kanchanaburi. Arriving about 5pm - we stayed at Luxury Hotel. The name is the antonyms of the actual building. It was B900 per night. The most expensive accommodation thus far. No complains from me, I slept like a baby that night...

After checking into the hotel we went sight-seeing around Kanchanaburi. We set our eyes on a Fun Fair, at least my children did.... Apparently, it is Visit Kanchanaburi Year 2007 and they did have a long list of things lined up.

There was a special fireworks at the Bridge on the River Kwai scheduled at 7.30pm. This bridge was made famous because of the Bridge on the River Kwai show. So, we hope to be able to rush there within 30 mins. Oh, hurry, hurry. Upon arrival at the location... Wow! It was a huge Fun Fair... The size of 2 large stadiums, easily. We wanted to go for the fireworks, first. All along the way towards the River Kwai bridge, there were stalls of all kinds of food, clothes, toys, anything and everything Thai! The atmosphere was "Buy! Buy! Buy!"

Huge crowd

BBQ Giant cuttlefish


BBQ fishballs, porkballs, hotdogs,..

The entrance fee to the presentation was B100 per adult and B50 per child. That's costly by Thai standard. It was a presentation on the scene at River Kwai Bridge during the WWII. It was impressive and well choreographed!!! Unfortunately it was all in Thai, we just enjoyed the visual presentation. It was about 30 mins and ended with fireworks.

The whole place was very crowded. You would think that the whole population of Kanchanaburi was there!

There are no huge malls and activities for the local Thais, out of Bangkok. So, Fun Fairs travel around the country from one province to another. They have the whole works of ferris wheels, roller coaster, all kinds of games - shooting, fishing, bingo, etc., huge blown up slides (Joel & Ethaniel's favorite). They usually spend 1-2 weeks at one location. That's how the local upcountry Thais have a little fun, enjoyment and excitement added to their daily monotony - at least twice a year. It's a great idea, I must admit.

Ferris wheel

Remote controlled racing car

I was seriously dead tired by the time the children finished their games. I gave them 30 mins to play because it was almost 11.30pm. They had loads of fun but obviously not enough. They went on the "huge blown up slide" for only B20 (RM2) which lasted 20 mins. They also played the shooting game. It was a long way back to the car.... There were many things to shop but too little time...

I was glad to be back to the hotel... my feet was killing me and my sick tired body was taking its toll after the long drive and walk. I had the best sleep the whole trip that night zzzzzz zzzzzzzz.

Lookout for Part III later....

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