Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Part V - Muak Lek, Supanburi & Kanchanaburi

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Day 4 – 9 December 2007, Sunday (Part 2)

Sai Yok National Park

After that, we headed towards Sai Yok National Park.

It was a new experience staying on a boathouse. It is exciting having new experiences, for me and especially for the children.

We purchased the fishing rod yesterday from the Fun Fair for B199 (RM20). The children used the rod to fish upon boarding the boathouse. Uncle Ken and Uncle Tang are expert fishermen.

After waiting for awhile, we were pulled by a motorboat to a nearby bank so that we can swim and park for the night. There were 2 other boathouses booked by Thai holidaymakers, which was pulled together with us. I observed that they were very well prepared. Their boathouse was loaded with food, alcoholic drinks, pack of cards and even karaoke sets - a few huge speakers. We would eventually experience the capabilities of those speakers...

Ethaniel & Joel playing in the water

Once parked along the bank, all of us changed and went down to swim. The children played "sand bomb" and was using it to throw at the adults and each other. It was a fun time being crazy. Needless to say, I started it ;-). I have been trying to teach Joel to loosen up a little and to be able to take crazy jokes like this. He is slowly getting used to it, unfortunately, and even does it to me!

We had our food 'home delivered' by boat. Such an interesting concept! We ordered it after booking the boathouse. Talking about door-to-door service.... boat-to-boat service?

Our "home delivered mineral water and dinner

We had an early night after dinner. I was still feeling ill and my body was tired from driving and lack of rest.

Our only source of light

It was a very different experience to be sleeping in open air on a river. I woke up at about 1.30am and saw mist everywhere. It was freezing cold! I couldn't see the waterfalls or the other boathouses parked near us. The mist was that thick! It was a very special feeling, experiencing God's creation and nature at work.

Day 5 - 10 December 2007, Monday

When we woke up in the morning, we had a 'floating restaurant' coming to us... Oh, hungry, hungry... Joel and Ethaniel each had two bowls!!!

The cook

The ingredients

The consumer

After breakfast, we had a scenic ride along the river...... watch the video

That was the end of our holiday... time to go back home.... This is the last part of my blog on Muak Lek, Supanburi & Kanachaburi holiday.

Thank you for reading!

The end.

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