Monday, December 10, 2007

Part 1 - Muak Lek, Supanburi & Kanchanaburi

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We joined the Tang family (and Ken family - Siew Har's younger brother) to this holiday partly for the sake of my Mother who has arrived in Bangkok recently and partly because we were keen to go away with them. Ivan planned to join us but unfortunately work commitments had been overwhelming. So, my Mother, Joel, Ethaniel and I were the only ones loaded into the Mazda Tribute onward to Muak Lek. Our first destination.

Day 1 - 6 Dec 2007, Thursday (Muak Lek & Supan Buri)

We started our journey at 9.30am in the morning. Took a 110km per hour drive via the Outer Ring Road and arrived in Muak Lek uneventful other than that I drove over a plastic carton that laid waste in the middle of the fast lane :-/ Almost panicked that I crushed the bottom part of my husband's most beloved car , we started to pray HARD. So, it turned out that everything was alright. The children was quietly praying at the back seat... That event sure quieten any squabbles they had earlier!

Along Highway 2, there is a Junior ATV which Ethaniel loves to visit. We promised him but could not deliver, the last time. So, he reminded me this time.

Just see the priceless smile!

Ethaniel, showing off!

Joel's favorite sport, no way he's going to leave without a chance on the ATV

Move aside all you Harley Davidson riders, here comes Grandma Chia Chia!

We quickly finished our ATV sessions because the Tang family was waiting to meet up. Life is full of distractions, that's for sure! Along the way, we were greeted with a sea of sunflowers! The famous SUNFLOWERS. Indeed, it was absolutely beautiful. Have you seen anything like this? God's creation is just marvelous to behold!

After meeting up with Tang & Ken family, we proceeded to lunch at our favorite Muak Lek restaurant by a stream. We were first introduced to this restaurant when we came with our Travelling Buddies in Dec 06. Since then, I have been fantasizing of the delicious food here.

View overlooking the restaurant

Stir fried mushroom

Four edge bean salad

Tom Yum Koong

With a "sirih" leave, wrap all the ingredients inclusive of the fried fish below. My all time favorite! Sorry, don't know the name of the dish but a must eat!

Along the road in Muak Lek, you will find many roadside stalls selling roasted piglet and chicken. It cost B500 each (RM50). We had some for lunch.

After lunch, we left towards Supan Buri which should take about 1.5 hours but since we took the" scenic route", it was almost 3 hours later when we checked into our hotel. Everyone was tired. Some decided to rest in the room. My children was hungry so we decided to go to the supermarket for both food and shopping.

We saw a restaurant on the way, so we decided to try the food and indeed it was not disappointing. Joel & Mom had Pad Thai, Ethaniel had fried rice and I had Naem Muang (I think) - a Vietnamese dish. I love this dish... It has a translucent wrapper which you use to wrap some raw vegetables (mint, salad, basil, etc) with pork ball, raw garlic, raw shallots, raw ginger, raw chili padi and a sauce. Yummy!

Day 2 - 7 Dec 2008, Friday (Supan Buri & Kanchanaburi)

We had an early start towards Bung Chawak Zoo in Supan Buri. Entrance fee of B20 (RM2) adult, B5 (RM0.50) for children. Real value for money!

A family picture
Playful bears
This orang utan is so cool and friendly!

Sleepy tiger cubs

Feeding the cubs

Ethaniel the Tarzan, yes, its the tiger cub's tail

Joel & Ethaniel playing at the playground. This equipment is similar to The Pirate ship.

The children has a great time at the Bung Chawak Zoo - both looking at the animals and the playground.

I will continue the rest of the trip later... Lookout for Part 2!

Check out my online album for this trip.

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