Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Part IV - Muak Lek, Supanburi & Kanchanaburi

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Day 3 - 8 Dec 2007, Saturday (Part 2)

We had a good dinner under the stars – no, not by the campfire but cooked by the restaurant.

Dinner under the stars. Joel said that it was the darkest dinner he ever had!

We were all sitting around talking when I suddenly realized that Mom has disappeared. I tried to look for her and found her amongst the campers from Chiang Mai and even joined in their games.

The Thai campers sitting around the campfire

It was pretty unbelievable to see her having so much fun and excelling in a game which was fully conducted in Thai. She even won a prize!

Mom joining in the games

Talking about language is no barrier! It was hilarious!!! That speaks volume… Yes, my Mother the extrovert. Shyness is obviously NOT her middle name.

Later, Ken’s wife and children joined and eventually Joel and Ethaniel also. They had fun.

Ethaniel having fun playing games

Joel too!

We slept at about 10.30pm and the Thai holidaymakers were just starting their karaoke session. Unfortunately for us, the karaoke went blaring late into the wee hours of the morning. Karaoke is part of the Thai culture. At every occasion and I am not exaggerating… from Company dinners, weddings, birthdays, holidays and almost every occasion they can get together, they will be having a sing-along. There was no way we can request for a tone down. They not only sing but loud speakers are a requirement. I took some cotton bud and stuck it in my ears. Ethaniel requested some and insist that it was not good enough…”I can still hear it, Mom”. He was very tired and it took him 15 mins to doze off. It was very cold and I did not have a good sleep that night.

Day 4 – 9 December 2007, Sunday

We rose very early. I think everyone didn’t have very good sleep; having been used to sleeping on comfortable mattresses. We had a good breakfast, packed up and headed towards the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum.

I was absolutely impressed with Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum. The well explained exhibit, well maintained building, beautiful trail and it was completely free. It was sponsored by the Australians.

PoWs walks a difficult daily journey to the Hellfire Pass - inclusive of the ill ones

I really enjoyed the 1.5 hrs walk to and fro the Hellfire Pass trail. It was beautifully surrounded by bamboo plants all along the trail. It also had an autumn feel to the surrounding.

We had an audio explanation throughout the trail which Joel, Ethaniel and I absolutely enjoyed. Joel benefited a lot from it. He was very engrossed with all the explanations.

Ethaniel & Joel standing in the middle of Hellfire Pass

A picture drawn by one of the PoWs before he died

Exhibits at the Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum - belongings of PoWs

Equipments used to work the railway

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