Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not Too Long Ago....

Joel at 1+ years old

It was not too long ago Joel was my little baby. Cute and chubby little bundle of joy. My first born. Beautiful little toes, tiny little fingers and the smell of a newborn baby... not too long ago.

He brought so much joy and sleepless nights all in the same breath. Laughters and tears were not uncommon to the heart of a first time Mother. A breath of fresh air.... not too long ago.

Just a few days ago, he told me that his voice feels different... as if... it is "breaking". Breaking?? My baby's voice is breaking? But... but... he was just a little baby... not too long ago.

I held him in my arms and hugged him as if he was going to leave... Not physically, I know. But one part of him is leaving. The little baby whom I held in my arms... not long ago.

My goodness.. my baby is turning to a young man. But... but.. I want him to remain my baby... I am not .... ready. Give me another 1 year... oh, maybe 2 years... No, no, another 5 years. By then, I MIGHT be ready .... to let go.

Wasn't it ... not too long ago?

Joel at 11 years old


Kellan said...

He is so adorable and sounds so sweet. Time does fly - it is frightening how fast it goes! Enjoy your time with your sweet boy - see you soon. Kellan

forgetfulone said...

My twins are now 11 years old. Those were the days, weren't they?

Kellan said...

Thank you so much for the sweet prayer for our baby - thank you. Kellan

JO-N said...

When they are young, we want them to grow up fast and when they actually grow up, we want them to remain our babies. I wonder whether fathers feel the same.

Angela said...

How does time past so quickly?
I guess it is with all of us, especially when we have children

Eagles' Wings said...

Yes. He can be very sweet and annoying all at the same time ;-)
You are welcome on the prayers.

Wow! A twin. I am trying to enjoy it before it passes too fast.

You are right. Not sure about Daddy. I think he doesn't feel the same.

I guess its obvious that time passes quickly when we see them growing before our very eyes.