Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blessed Resurrection Sunday

I would like to wish all my Families and Friends a very Blessed Resurrection Sunday.

We celebrated Resurrection Sunday by going to church and after that we went for lunch with Sean, Ong, Jennifer, CY & family and our family.

It was nice to be able to spend Resurrection Sunday with the people we have grown close to since we arrived in Bangkok.

We went to a new restaurant. The owners are Taiwanese. So, the food is very Taiwanese, obviously.

Name of the restaurant


Cannot remember its name... "Pau" with soup and meat as fillings


There were many other dishes but I did not get good photos of it.

Hope that you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday too!

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GarGies said...

That is "siao long pau" (little dragon dumpling).

There's this delicious juice inside the wrap and the way to eat it is to put the whole pau in the mouth together with some ginger shreds soaked in vinegar, and savor all inside the mouth. Yummy! Makes me want to go and get some too now!