Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do You Feel Loved?

I have been trying to practice, "The Five Languages of Love" (By Gary Chapman) with my children, since I started the seminar 4 weeks ago. Ethaniel's primary love language is Physical Touch. The other evening, I asked him to come over for a "huggie" and a "kissie" before he went to bed. He came over, lied down on the couch and put his head on my lap. He took my hand and hugged it like a bolster.

Ethaniel: Do you feel loved when I hug your hands?

Me: Yes. *smiling at such a cute question*

Ethaniel: How about your nose? Your mouth? Your eyes? Do they feel loved?

Me: Yes, they do.

My little boy trying to practice his primary love language on me. Yes, yes. I feel loved.

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JO-N said...

I love the way he asked the questions. I would feel loved too if my children do that to me.