Saturday, March 1, 2008

Haircut in Bangkok

The price of haircut for men in Bangkok range from THB60 to THB500. I am not sure what is the maximum range. But I do know that I paid the lowest possible rate for haircut for both my children, a few days ago.

THB30 (RM3 / USD1)

THB40 (RM4 / USD1.30)

This little boy REALLY likes his haircut

The previous barber's shop closed. Yes. It was dingy. I am glad we discovered this new shop. We will be back.

Ethaniel really thinks that the lady was "very good". Yes. She is pretty good. At that price, she is VERY GOOD. No. EXTREMELY GOOD.

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Agnes said...

that was very cheap to get a hair cut compare in Abu Dhabi. i need to pay AED8 to AED10 for my son haircut. so now i cut for him at home..haha..

cutemuscleguy said...

You have a great post but you forgot to tell us where the barber shop is, so that others can go there to get their hair cut too.

Please let us know.. thanks.

Eagles' Wings said...

The shop is about 10 mins from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Along King Kaew Road.

If you are facing The Chularat Hospital, its on your left.