Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cheering Up?

Joel has been having fever since yesterday. Today the fever persisted since morning. So, I stayed back to take care of him and the rest of the family went to Church.

Ethaniel is not used to be without his playmate, Koh Koh (older brother in Chinese). But Joel was really sick and lethargic. He has not eaten the whole day except drinking water, glucose, apple juice and coconut water.

This evening Joel was lying down on the couch downstairs with a blanket over himself, peacefully sleeping.

Joel: Mom, Ethaniel was disturbing just now when I was sleeping. He pulled my blanket away. *whining*

Me: Ethaniel, Koh Koh is feeling very sick. W
hy did you do that?

Ethaniel: I wanted to tell him a joke.

Me: *speechless*

This little boy is obviously trying to cheer up his older brother without realising that he needed the rest more than the joke.


Kellan said...

Oh, poor sick baby and poor brother that is lonely for his playmate! I hope he is better soon - very soon!

Thanks so much for coming by and for the well wishes - So nice to see you - I'll see you soon. Kellan

cy said...

Get well soon, Joel. We need you for the badminton..Jason needs his parring partner! Anyway, pls do take care of yourself too, Chris.

Angela said...

Hope he gets feeling better.
I guess being sick affects everyone