Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ethaniel Is Rock Climbing!

When Joel started Rock Climbing last year, I encouraged Ethaniel to join along. He climbed around the rock but not up. He was a little afraid of the heights.

On one occasion, I told him that I will reward him if he makes a climb. Overzealous Joel and Coach Majid, forced him to climb higher than he wanted. As a result, he has REFUSED to climb. He stopped for a long time...The most he will do is around the rock. That's it.

I didn't force the issue but asked him from time to time, if he wanted to climb. He said, "No" and I will leave it at that. I understood Ethaniel. He is extremely bold and adventurous. So, when he said, "No", it really means "No". Not ready.

As usual, we went for our weekly climb and Ethaniel will normally play around the area, swinging on the ropes, running around and just hang out.

My cute little baby is climbing!!!

Today, he agreed to climb higher but not all the way! He was also keen to pick up Rock Climbing!

I told him that if he climb continuously for a period of 1 month, I will purchase him the harness and shoe. A brand new harness will cost THB1,700 (RM170 / USD50) and shoe is THB2,000 (RM200 / USD57). Coach Majid mentioned that he has some 2nd hand ones which he could sell it to us at THB2,000 for both the harness and shoe plus a free chalk bag (RM200 / USD57). That sounds a little more reasonable. But Ethaniel has to prove he is serious.

We'll just have to wait and see...

Putting on the shoes on his small little feet ;-)

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JO-N said...

This is such a nice activity. Well, you can do it, Ethaniel.

Angela said...

It is exciting.
Now that is something it is ok to climb on.

CY said...

Way to go, little Ethaniel. Uncle Tang will support u!