Monday, March 24, 2008

Badminton On A Saturday, again...

We played badminton again this Saturday. I am proud to say that my hands and thigh did not ache as badly as it did last week. Hooray! Please note that Sean and Ong. Ahem.. Ahem..

I still need time to get fit but I believe I am going towards it, hopefully.

As expected, we had a great time.

Ong, as usual, torturing my son or is it the other way round ...hmm..

Joel in action. Wah, "ada gaya" (got style)

CY & the sweaty family

Sean & a new addition to our group, Khun Oh
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CY said...

I think Sean is a great coach, huh?

Angela said...

When I could see I was no good at that game.
Glad you are having fun and getting in shape.

JO-N said...

You are invited to my house warming party here (remember to pick up your door gift):

and here (another door gift for you):

and here (a third door gift for you):

Please drop by. Waiting for you.

Stacia said...

Umm...havn't met Aor (JAL) for ages...Glad to see her again..^_^