Monday, March 17, 2008

About This and That

I have a few short but interesting post. Its not long enough to make it into a full story. So here goes...

This is "Nam Dok Mai" mango. I LOVE this mango. It is absolutely deliciousssssss and sweeeet. The season for this type of mango, as I have observed is usually from about late Feb. When it is in season, it cost THB20 per kg (RM2 / USD0.70). When out of season it could cost up to THB90 per kg (RM9 / USD3). The locals usually eat this with sticky rice. The next time you come to Bangkok, make sure you try some.

Ethaniel's two front teeth is growing well. Do you see the cute little stub? Yes, I better enjoy it while it last. Once a lifetime experience, hopefully.

This is a black sauce which I use for cooking. Not available in Thailand. So, EVERY Malaysian I know always lug one back whenever they go home to Malaysia. It taste different than the local black sauce. You need this to cook black noodles or black sauce chicken.

My son, Joel, says that I have an obssession with mop. He is totally ridiculous!!! Don't you agree?

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JO-N said...

I think Joel is right. Why so many different types of mops?

I love mangoes too and I'm lucky I have sweet mangoes from my father's mango tree.

Kellan said...

I have a mop obsession too - always looking for the perfect mop! That mango looks delicious.

Have a good day - see you soon. Kellan

Zooropa said...

I love Thailand mango too. It's very sweet!!!


Lee-Lian said...

sister! sister!! I have no idea why Joel would think you have an obssession with mops. After all you ONLY have four. I mean, most people have one or two. Four is only quadruple or double the norm. Not a lot, right? NO :))
Joel, You are so discerning :)