Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thailand vs Malaysia - Part 5

Thailand: The fast lane in the Supermarket is limited to 10 items but you can bring a trolley full of 70 items and the cashier will still let you through, without a frown.

Malaysia: 10 items means, maximum 12 items. Not 7o items.


Thailand: Drivers on the road are polite, tolerant and giving.

Malaysia: You are fortunate if you get through the day without someone horning you.


Thailand: I was making a U-turn together with a huge truck. In the middle of the U-turn, he stops, blocking the traffic on a 3 lane highway, to allow me through. I was shocked are his thoughtfulness. Such a gentleman.

Malaysia: I am fortunate to be alive today. Thanks to God's protection.


The below is contributed by Hooiluan, a reader to my blog:

Thailand: If you can't read/speak Thai (which has its own squiggly script), you are a mute and an illiterate in Thailand, since signs are normally posted in Thai only.

Malaysia: If you can't speak Malay (Roman alphabet) you can always try your luck with English/Tamil/Chinese and chances are you will be fine.


Thailand: Chocolates are much cheaper in Thai supermarkets than in Malaysian supermarkets.
Chocolates are much more expensive in Thai airports than in Thai supermarkets.

Malaysia: Chocolates are slightly more expensive in Malaysian airports than in Malaysian supermarkets.

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Angela said...

It is nice to know about the chocolate. Smile

You know different places have their customs