Monday, March 10, 2008

Usage of Tea Tree Oil

I have been using Tea Tea Oil for many years. Since my sister in Australia introduced it to me. Whenever I get the chance, I will ask her to purchase some for me.

It is such an excellent ointment and I actually use it for variety of purposes. I never go traveling without it and definitely this household will have a huge void without it. Below are some of the ways I use it:

  • insect bite - takes away the itchiness almost instantly.
  • open wound - dries the wound quickly
  • antiseptic - sometimes after wearing some earrings, my ear lope feels itchy, so I will apply a little and it almost instantly stop any kind of problem
  • ulcer on the lip - just dap a little a few times a day and ulcer heals quickly (external use)
Just use a cotton bud and dap on the spot. Make sure you blow it with your mouth because it can be painful, especially if its an open wound.

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Kellan said...

Very interesting - I've never heard of it before. It's nice to have a remedy that you can count on.

I hope you had a good weekend. Thanks so much for coming by and leaving the kind thoughts and prayers for your sweet baby. I hope you have a good day - see you soon. Kellan

Catherine said...

Oh, I heard it is good for curing acne too. I bought essential vitamin E oil with Tea Tree extract to apply at my acne skin last time, quite good!

sting said...

heard of it but never used it before... sounds good .. maybe will give it a try :-)