Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Social Being

Being a Homemaker and Homeschooler has a double effect on me. It makes me MIGHTY busy. So, as a result I am VERY homebound. Yes, I do have friends. No, I am not a hermit. No, I do not stay in a cave.

As most of you Homemakers would know, there are many sacrifices we make as Mothers and wives. There are many things we have to forgo for the sake of the family. Most of the time our efforts ignored and unappreciated, especially by ourselves.

My world revolves around this 2 small people... teaching, reading aloud, cooking, washing, cleaning, disciplining... For a period of few months, blogging was an outlet for me. I thought it was the ultimate thing for me. The computer and I, we can conquer the world!

In the last few days, I have realised that God did not make me a suitable companion for the computer. I need big people who I can see face to face and talk. The small people are nice but too much of them... um... um... You know what I mean.

One of my social outlet was church friends. After church, I will usually chat with the ladies and later lunch together. Unfortunately lately the other half of my family members complain of hunger, so we have to rush off. As a result, an Extrovert like me feel starved. I need social outlet. If not sufficiently satisfied, I feel isolated and depressed.

So, I have decided to go for the Joy Fellowship which is a ladies meeting every Thursday and date some of my girlfriends during the evenings.

What about you? Are you like that too? What is your outlet?

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