Sunday, March 9, 2008

Malaysian Election 2008

I went to church this morning and Susan, my Malaysian friend told me that the Opposition has won 5 states in the Election. I am honestly elated.

Apparently according to a new law made by the government in 2004, Malaysian residing overseas are not allowed to vote unless they return to Malaysia to do it. Unless you are a student, army force or embassy staff, you can do it overseas. As a result, many of us in Bangkok were unable to vote. Not many people will be able to return to Malaysia.

There has been a lot of dissatisfaction in Malaysians in the last one year regards to the government. Since we were in Bangkok, we just read about it. The condition has evidently been different before we came here, 2 years ago.

Hopefully we will see changes. Good changes. All the best to our beloved country and all fellow Malaysians.


Angela said...

Politics can be quite a headache
hope all turns out for the best

JO-N said...

Chris, it's a hot topic here in Malaysia now. For the first time in history, BN lost so badly. Well, we do hope everything will turn out well.

Agnes said...

i'm happy that opposition party won many seat this time....I really hope there will be better life in M'sia