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Day 4 - Holiday to Chiang Mai

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24 December, 2007, Monday

It was a relaxing time staying in the hotel. There was no plan to do anything except relax. So, in the morning, the children wanted to do some cycling. There wasn't any child bike, Ethaniel had to sit with one of us... He decided to sit with Joel, because he is known to cycle into potholes which is considered "extremely fun", whilst the rest of us avoids it.

The ride includes interesting scenery along the way. We saw some cows, nice plants, flowers and the highlight was a mandarin orange plantation. We walked into the plantation and admired the ripening fruits dangling from its branches. This is my first time visiting a mandarin orange plantation! I was ecstatic! Ethaniel conveniently plucked an orange, so, we took it back to the hotel to feast on it. When we returned, the hotel provided a bowl of fruits complimentary and it was much sweeter and delicious compared to the one we plucked.

We went to Chiang Mai town for dinner. Hopefully we can go to the Night Bazaar without much trouble. We managed to find our way to the Night Bazaar. Unfortunately, we went to the expensive touristic section, whereby food was B50 for a bowl of "Kao Soi" (similar to "Mee Curry" in Malaysia) and not as delicious as we expected. But we did get some very nice fresh oyster for B40 per piece. Since the rest of the family members do not favour it, I enjoyed 4 pieces all by myself. Oh yeah! That was good.

Kao Soi is a popular dish in Chiang Mai. It has raw shallots, pickled vegetable, yellow flat noodle, deep fried yellow noodle and chicken. We like it because it reminds us of the "Mee Curry" back home. We purchased some from another night market which we accidentally bumped into, and purchased it for B15 per bowl.
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