Saturday, November 29, 2008

Have a Grand Time!

Sitting: Sister-in-law, Elder Brother, Baby
Standing: My Mum

I would like you to get to know my Elder Brother a.k.a. The Bully. We are 6 years apart. He is blessed with a boyish look that makes him look half his age, but of course, that does not depict his maturity.

Some factual information about him extracted from Animal Planet...

He is a left hander. Read between the lines.

Thinks out-of-the-box kinda guy. He consistently had to leave his room. Yeah... we were not well to do, so his room was slightly bigger than one of those 62 inch plasma TV box. No... no.. just kidding.

Excels in everything he put his effort... e.g. badminton, classical guitar, business... girls.

Can choose the best durian by just shaking the fruit and smelling. Very canine indeed, excellent breeding. So, Mum and him will go to Ah Kau's roadside stall during season and pick from the "RM10 for 10 pcs" pile. Usually the unripe, wormy and rotten fruits will be heaped there but both will return home with the most delicious fruits that even the D24 type cannot beat. You can almost hear Ah Kau cursing after they left.

He is a real bully. I can still remember clearly but ignore the malice tone in my voice. He was never in the Mafia or Loan Shark Gang, though. He might have thrived as the Head Member.

To reiterate my point above, let me relate a real life story which happened...

I was hardly 6 years old, I think. I cannot remember my exact age, just the trauma. On a particular morning, I woke up to realise that Mum was out and for some reason did not return till late. Hunger pangs hit and Bro decided to cook. We went around the backyard hunting for chicken eggs. The chickens we reared was given the liberty to run around. Don't ask me why. Anyway. After hunting here and there, we found 1 miserable egg. Glorious food!

Bro. cracked the egg, whipped it and gave it to me with firm and strict instructions, "Don't spill the eggs!" It was said in such a way as to instill fear.

I felt goosebumps on the back of my neck and cold sweat trickling down my brow.

I repeated to myself... don't spill the eggs...don't spill the eggs...don't spill the eggs...

Cling! Clung! Clung!

Both of us looked at the spilled eggs with disbelief!

To my Elder Brother... there goes the breakfast...

To me... there goes my neck....


I ran out of the kitchen, screaming for dear life.

Then, I saw Mum walking towards home... I ran to hide behind her. My refuge, my strong tower, my help in time of trouble.

Phew, that was a close call. God spared my life.

So, now, you believe me?


The reason for introducing my Brother is to congratulate him on the celebration of his marriage with a dinner tonight. A little overdue. But better late than never. Due to the short notice given to us and the uncertain conditions of our situation, we are unable to attend this dinner. With deep regrets.

Have a grand time!

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Angela said...

Congratulations to your brother

I know you aren't going because you are still afraid he will get you for spilling the eggs