Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To Cambodia Border

The Company, basing their reasons on the Thailand law, will terminate our workpermit within the next 7 days.

As a result, we have to leave the country within that time.

Now tell me, how does someone gets relocated in such a short period of time? Not only are you terminated from employment within 3 hours, you are expected to lugged a household full of goods (20 foot container), children, pet (if any), cancel your credit card, sell your car, pay your bills, inform your landlord, get your deposit forfeited, clear up all your frozen food in the freezer and fridge, get a home rented in destination country and say your goodbyes. *breathless*

Are they trying to kill or what???!!!

Who in their right mind would think that's possible?

The Thailand government?

The Company?

It's an impossible task....

And we are not going to do that!


We are going for a "visa run". All foreigners who wants to stay in the country legally have to do that. Its about 4-5 hours drive into Cambodia. Which will give us an additional time of 1 month.

I have heaps of Filipino friends who does it monthly.

This would be the least stressful way and cheapest. Let's look at it as a short holiday trip. It will be interesting. I have not been to Cambodia.

Will come back with photos and stories.


shoppingmum said...

I did that once but I really can't see anything nice at the border. Don't worry, it's pretty easy to get the visa done, and it's only about 300 bahts each. However, they tend to charge a lot like 1200 bahts for some foreigners, you just watch out.

allthingspurple said...

Can they really do that?

It is interesting that there is a solution such as a "visa run". It sounds like a good idea.

Will be looking out for your posts to see how things turn out. Have a great holiday !!

irish daisies said...

wow i never heard of anything like that. more prayers to you and a few hugs too