Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On The Day...

(This post is longer than my usual postings. Its about what happened on the day that Hubby was retrenched)

This is what happened on the day of 31 October, Friday.

He was in the office by 7.45am and by 8am, his HR Director had already handed the Letter of Termination to him. *hands shaking* The awaited time since 3 weeks ago.

There were another 17 employees who was in the same position... retrenched. They were told to pack their things immediately, to be escorted out and there was even a Police Officer on standby "just in case".

Hubby was "fortunate" that he was given a few more hours to negotiate some essential part of relocation details.

All in all, he was back home by lunch time.

He managed to say his goodbyes to the other staff, subordinates and peers. Some were more sad to see him leave than he was. Others were in tears.

It was pretty touching. Nice to be missed.

He was a real big man too, in the inside, that is. During his rounds of saying goodbye, he walked over to Da Boss' office to wish him goodbye. For your information, he is the sole person responsible for Hubby's retrenchment. Anyway. This is not about him.

This guy did not have the courtesy to give him the Letter of Termination himself instead delegated it to the HR Director. Not a word from him. Nothing. At one point, he even said goodbye without turning his head. Duh?

What goes around, comes around.

The important part was, Hubby showed that he was the bigger man. He did the Christ like thing by loving those who hate you and do good to those who mistreat you. He would be no different if he stoop to their level.

How many people can do the same thing if put in the same position?

When its time to walk the talk we really need God's strength and I believe that God was with him every step of the way. It was a great opportunity to show that as Christians, we do not have to revenge, have bitterness and unforgiveness. The same grace and mercy that Christ has freely given to us, we can also freely give to all...

I am proud of you, Man!

Hubby has shown nothing but loyalty and commitment to the Company throughout his service.

I can profess that he has never taken a Medical Certificate when he was not ill.

Never came home earlier because Da Boss was not around.

Always at work earlier than time.

Never took home stationeries.

Never took leave when the children or I was ill. Except when Joel was hospitalised. I managed the home and everything concerning the children.. activities, homeschooling, etc.

He was always working, working and working.

It was so annoying that whenever I wanted him to go back to Malaysia, he will say, "Busy time at work". That's what it has been for 2.5 years. Imagine the unused leave he had accumulated!!

I tell you, he was a Great Employee!

You know what? Its the company's loss for this retrenchment.... Another more deserving company is just waiting...


Agnes said...

i do agree with u what goes around, comes around.

shoppingmum said...

There's another opportunity out there, he's such a good employee, and he will be much appreciated somewhere else.

Kellan said...

It does sound like it is the companies loss! I'm sorry this has happened and I wish your husband lots of luck finding an even better job! Take care - Kellan

allthingspurple said...

True, one man's loss is another man's gain. He is a great employee. May he find a better opportunity soon !

CY said...

Proud of you, Ivan. Don't worry. Let's have a great time this weekend, unstress and God will definitely has a way. See you guys this weekend.

KittyCat said...

Your Hubby has definitely walked the walk. It's only a matter of time before such integrity is discovered!

Good things come to those who wait :)