Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday, Ethaniel!

Happy 7th Birthday, Ethaniel!

I cannot imagine life without my little Boy
You cheer up my days
Brings laughter and joy
Kisses, hugs, smiles and giggles always

The smile on your face
Is like a breath of fresh air
Like cool breeze
Refreshing morning mist

Your life has made a difference
In a world filled with indifference
Even in the midst of things which seems to fail
Your joy, enthusiasm and heart prevails

God has a special plan
Distinctively laid out for this young man
Uniquely you have been made
Above any precious stones or jade

Open your heart
Do your part
Obey His call
Make Him your all

I will not always be here
One thing I know, my Dear
Jesus shall complete
Everything you will ever need

I love you, my Dearest little boy!


shoppingmum said...

I'm amazed with your poems, including this one.

Happy birthday Ethaniel.

Lee-Lian said...

Happy Birthday Ethaniel

Did you eat lots of chocholates and cakes today? What did you do? Hope you have a good birthday.

with love
koh koh king wei
& koh koh king li