Monday, November 17, 2008

Saraburi: Camping Trip (Part 1)

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Our Cell Group was seriously planning for a Camping trip since Hubby and I returned from our Koh Samet trip. It became an even more serious planning when we mentioned about Petcharat Resort, the one which we went to with Josh & Danny.

We had a total of 14 adults and 10 children, loaded into 4 cars.

Meeting point was at Alvin's home at about 8.30am. We had a little breakfast and started the journey by 9.30am.

Everyone was excited.

We had all the 4 boys loaded into our car... Joel, Ethaniel, KG & Jason. Oh, I meant 5. Hubby too.

This Camping trip is a first for some of the members. Exciting, eh?

At about 11.30am, we reached Saraburi. We have decided to do some activities at Muaklek before going to our campsite. So, Muaklek ATV here we come!

Top left: Ethaniel & Hubby, Father & Son team
Top right: Jason & SH, Mother & Son team
Bottom left: KG & Gina, Mother & Son team
Bottom right: Joel, all by himself

Some of us who did not want to go on the ATV, there were various other activities to do e.g. rock climbing, repelling, archery, rapids and etc.

Top left: Tang
Top right: Ps Danny
Bottom left: Me.. so so
Bottom right: Sally ... very skillful

All these cute little girls!!! Who obviously does not belong to me :-(

The ATV ride was about 40 mins which was just a perfect short adventure. Not butt cracking! It was really fun for the boys!

After that we headed towards Petcharat Resort, our campsite for the night.

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irish daisies said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend!

CY said...

Hey..thot u'd never post the pics...!It was really a wonderful trip. Hope we will do it again..CY