Thursday, November 20, 2008

Saraburi: Camping Trip (Part 2)

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We arrived at our camping site at about almost 3pm. Everyone got their tents out and started putting it up. It was interesting to see every family working together to put up the tents.

Everyone putting up their tent

Joel & Hubby did most all the work. Infact, the last time I went to Kanchanaburi for camping, Joel built the tent all by himself and the tent beds too! He did a great job! Don’t ask me to put it up… When he was finished, he helped Angel to put up her tent too. I think this young man, sure can be good Husband and Daddy. Money back guarantee!

Michael playing the game

After everyone has finished setting up their tent, we had games time organized by CY. The game was a traditional game that dates back to 1800s. No.. no. Just kidding. But it was definitely not one played by me during my childhood. It was fun.

The chef at work

We had the most qualified cook in the whole of Bangkok… drum roll… Alvin the singing Chef. He cooked up meals after meals after meals! My goodness! You wouldn’t believe the amount of food we ate. There was pork with black sauce, black noodles (Malaysian style), BBQ chicken, BBQ beef, stir fried basil with mince beef and rice.

Gathering around the food...

He is a great cook. All of us enjoyed the food immensely. Thank God for such an invaluable member of our group. As you might notice, our hearts are touched through our stomach.

Shower time was really exciting because there were no heated water. To keep warm, we had to jump while showering. It was really cute looking at both my Sons taking their shower. Jumping! Jumping! Freezing! They had a lot of fun taking that cold shower. Normally they are lazy at showering. What's with boys? But they were keen to take another shower early the next morning *Twilight zone music in the background*

Managed to snap a photo of them taking a shower... hee hee.. So shy.

Taboo is one of our favorite games. We play it during the night after everyone had a hearty meal, we sat by the campfire. We laughed, screamed, squeezed our brain juices, raised our hands, pointed our fingers, jumped up and down, shouted and totally enjoyed ourselves. While the adults and older children play Taboo, Ethaniel and the younger children sat by the campfire and played around there.

Night time fun...played Taboo, children played by the campfire, 3 guitarist strumming away!

It was a tiring night and we all had a good sleep. It was so cooling and nice….. Great season to be camping.

The next morning, after a good breakfast of baked beans, sausage, etc. We some singing and sharing in lieu of a Sunday morning service in church.

Morning exercise and games for the children

By 12pm we were all packed and ready to go! We looked around with a "I am going to miss this place" look. Eyes were a little droopy... We were already planning to be back for another visit, soon!

The price for the camping:

Rental of tent: THB300 per adult / THB150 per child

BYO tent: THB150 per adult / THB100 per child

Food not included. If you want food to be inclusive, let them know.
(Ask for a discount if you have a large group)

Go to here for photos of our trip.

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