Saturday, November 1, 2008

Where To Go From Here?

The big question would be... "Where to go from here?"

We have been asking ourselves this question... There are millions of jobs out there, we just need ONE.

Where does God want us to be?

That would be a question, we have to ask ourselves.

I am speaking from my heart... I honestly would like to be in a place where I can be a blessing to those who are around me. I am sure that can be anywhere. But I want to be a blessing where I am most needed.

To meaningfully exist... other than for my Hubby and children.

I have lived such a contented life in Malaysia... for a very long time. Going to church, attending Cell Group, working part-time, homeschooling my children and was just caught up with day-to-day living.

Since I came to Thailand, I have been....

... greatly challenged in my walk with God

... spending more time with my children

... helped some people who needed inner healing, counselling, guidance, parenting, etc.

... seen miracles happening in my family and my life

... brought joy to some poor tribal children during a mission trip

... found some amazing friends whom I will treasure all the days of my life

... went through some of the most difficult trials in my life and lived

So, after experiencing all these and to think that I might be going back to the same old contented life in Malaysia?

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irish daisies said...

hugs and prayers for you. i'm sure your next path will be just as great

Angela said...

excitement vs contentment
a hard choice

I am sure your life will have plenty of both.