Friday, November 28, 2008


It was Ethaniel's birthday, so, he chose the restaurant for dinner.

Guess what?

KFC... Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We have not gone there for ages.

Anyway, I ordered the food but the lady gave me the breast part of the chicken. None of us likes it. We all either go for the drumstick or thigh.

So, I went over the counter and told her to exchange it for thighs. I forgot to ask for drumsticks. Upon returning to our dinner table, I spoke to Hubby....

Me: I hope its OK for you to eat thigh.

Hubby: Sssssssssshhhhhh.... sssssssssshhhh....

Me: *wide-eye-puzzled-look* Huh?

Hubby: Sssssshhhh.... We don't want them to know we eat Thai. Ssssshhhh......

Me: *eyes rolling* Very funny :-/

Another smart alecks in the house.


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irish daisies said...

LOL oh so funny!! and a happy birthday to Ethaniels :)